Roles and permissions

BMC Helix AIOps leverages BMC Helix Portal to provide single sign-on authentication for users.

As an administrator, you can create and edit users, user groups, and roles in BMC Helix Portal. You can assign any of the roles or permissions to users such as creating, modifying, viewing, deleting, or managing objects in BMC Helix Portal. However, you cannot create new permissions.

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Setting up roles and permissions Open link

The following video (2:46) provides an overview of permissions and how to assign them to roles in BMC Helix Portal:

Watch the YouTube video about Assigning permissions to user roles in BMC Helix Portal.

Consult the following table to understand the default roles available in the product and the capabilities and permissions assigned to each role.


In some organizations, these responsibilities are performed by site reliability engineering team (SRE). So, you might want to assign these permissions accordingly.




Application or ServiceResourcePermission

Important: In addition to the permissions listed here, by default, all users must be assigned the DSM Read Only role in BMC Helix Portal. For more information, see  Setting up role-based access control. Open link


pca view

Important: For modeling service blueprints and services, you need additional permissions for viewing devices and groups in BMC Helix Operations Management. For more information, see  Authorization profile. Open link



  • Manage roles and permissions Open link
  • View all pages in BMC Helix AIOps
  • Enable AIOps features
  • Enable situations to aggregate events
  • Create automation BMC Helix Intelligent Automation

All permissions

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