Monitoring situations

The Situations page displays all ML-based situations identified from the events.

As an operator, you can use the Situations page to monitor ML-based or policy-based situations. Each situation is represented as a tile in the view and can be investigated individually to perform additional actions.

To monitor Situations

  1. Click Situations.
    Displays all Situations in a list view with the following details:
    • Situation name: Click to view Situation details. 
    • Time when the Situation occurred
    • Related events: Click to view event details in the Situation details page. 
    • Type: Icon to indicate ML-based or policy-based (requires configuration)
    • Severity: Color-coded 
    • Priority: Color-coded
    • Status: Open or closed
    • Incident ID (if available)
    • Available automations (requires configuration)
    • Actions: Available to perform on a Situation

  2. (Optional) To choose how to view Situations, use the following information:

    Additional options to view Situations

    • Basic search: Enter a Situation name (case-sensitive) in the search box and click .
    • Filter to view Situations: Use the filter to view Situations based on the status. 
      By default, the filter is set to display open situations.
    • Sort: Sorting is available for the Occurred, Severity, Priority, and Status columns.
    • Column selector: Click to clear the columns that you do not want to appear in the list view. Only selected columns appear on the Situations page.  
    • Refresh page: Click  (Refresh) to refresh the page. 
  3. (Optional) To view Situations in a tile view, click (Tile View). 
    Displays all Situations in a tile view with the following details on each tile:
    • Situation name
    • Time passed since the Situation occurred, or date and time of the Situation
    • Severity: Color-coded 
    • Priority: Color-coded
    • Type: Icon to indicate whether it is an ML-based or policy-based situation
    • Total number of events in a Situation
    • Status


      Search results or filters are retained across the list view and the tile view. 

Where to go from here

Click a policy-based or an ML-based situation tile to investigate and remediate the situation: 

  • Investigating policy-based situations Open link
  • Investigating ML-based situations
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