This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix Digital Workplace Basic and BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced. Icons distinguish capabilities available only for the Advanced and External license levels. For more information, see License types and features.

Studio pages

Use the BMC Helix Digital Workplace Studio to create content rich visually appealing pages for the best user experience for your lines of business. You can create pages that align with your organization branding, consistent global appearance and feel, and provide a seamless experience to your users. 

Use Studio to create multiple pages, with the right text, images, videos, and links, to guide your users to the desired content and services. You can restrict access to these pages through entitlements. You can then create navigation menus to group pages under sections and guide your users to the desired content.

Studio provides the following features:

  • Components palette and a design canvas to create pages
  • Configurable properties for control over the design, layout, and appearance of a page
  • Support for various screen sizes and choices for viewing page previews for various form factors

Leveraging the sample pages

BMC provides several sample pages to help you design and create studio pages for your workplaces. The sample pages are design ideas that show you how to configure properties of different page components to create a particular look or to provide a desired functionality. These pages serve as a reference or as a good starting point to build your pages.


Petramco is a managed service provider (MSP) that offers a curated service catalog to its customers, who are from different industry verticals such as telecom, retail, or entertainment. Petramco wants to provide industry-specific Home pages for the customers. 

The administrator saves time to create pages from scratch by reusing the components and color schemes from the sample pages for industry verticals. 

Copy a sample page and use it as the basis for creating a page with the desired layout, appearance (look and feel), and content. For more information, see Sample pages.

To watch a video on creating a page in the Studio, see the topic Creating pages in the studio.   

Use cases for a studio page 

You can create pages for your lines of business. Each line of business has specific requirements for services and information and you can create pages accordingly. You can also use the pages as templates to create more pages. For example, you might create two versions of the same HR page, one for managers and the other for non-managerial employees. 

Human Resources  

A sample HR portal with pages created in the studio: 

HR Portal

Facilities portal

You can create a facilities portal that the following services and many more:

Services about facilities

Where to go from here

Creating workplaces for your lines of business

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