This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix Digital Workplace Basic and BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced. Icons distinguish capabilities available only for the Advanced and External license levels. For more information, see License types and features.

Building conditional questionnaires

As a catalog administrator or an internal supplier, you can apply conditions in a questionnaire so that questions displayed in a service request are based on the user's responses to previous questions.

Form element types for which conditional questionnaires are available

For form elements that can be configured to return multiple responses, you can add conditions from the current or a previous question page. You can use one or more values from these responses or use free text responses to display additional questions to your users. Use the Map to Form or Map to Dataset option to get and use dynamic responses for displaying questions.

The following table shows the form element types and options available for each type.

Form Element TypeDynamic responsesFixed responses
Map to FormMap to DatasetAdd Value








Multiselect Dropdown




Radio Buttons




Toggle (Yes/No)

Not applicable

Not applicableFixed values (Yes/No)


Not applicableNot applicable

To add conditions to questions

Add conditions to questions with fixed or dynamic responses. Use the end user's responses to display subsequent questions.


  • Do not delete a question or value that is used to determine if another question will be displayed.
  • To make sure that BMC Helix Virtual Agent end users can submit requests that contain conditional questions, see  To resolve issues with creating service requests Open link
  1. As an administrator, log in to the Catalog console.
  2. Click the Services tab and click Services.
  3. Double-click the service to which you want to add a questionnaire. 
  4. On the Service Options panel, click Edit next to Workflow
  5. On the Workflow & Questions panel, click Edit next to Questions.

  6. Click New question or use a question that returns a response. For more information, see Creating selection menus for question responses.
  7. Click New conditional branch to add the conditional question.
  8. Click the + button to add a condition that uses the response to another question to determine if the question within the conditional branch is displayed.

    Select a question from the Insert question drop-down list. You can select a question that uses Form Element Types with fixed or dynamic responses. You can also use free text to provide a response for validating the condition. Questions from the current and previous pages are listed.


    Use the available expressions to build questionnaires that evaluate multiple conditions. For example, you can provide the option of an additional monitor to a user only if they have a laptop and a docking station.

    For more information on creating questionnaires that use responses from external asset forms, see Creating a questionnaire with answers prepopulated from an external asset form.

  9. Select the question that will be displayed for the condition in another question.

Example: Create a questionnaire that enables laptop users to request an external monitor

Step 1: Create a question that enables users to select their computer type.

Click New question, and use the following details in  Question Designer.

Form Element TypeDropdown
LabelSelect your computer type
Question Values > Add ValueLaptop
Question Values > Add ValueDesktop

Step 2: Create a question that enables users to request an external monitor.

Click New question, and use the following details in  Question Designer.

Form Element TypeToggle (Yes/No)
LabelDo you need an external monitor?

Step 3: Create a conditional branch that enables users to request an external monitor only if they are using a laptop.

  1. Click New conditional branch.
  2. Click the + button. Click Insert question  > Computer type. Use the default is condition, and select Laptop from the drop-down list. Alternatively, you can use free text to provide a response for validating the condition.

    The second question you created (Do you need an external monitor?) will be available in the User Generated Questions list on the left. 

  3. Drag and drop this question into the conditional branch you just created.

    This question will be displayed only if the user selects Laptop as the Computer type.

Step 4: Save and publish the questionnaire as a part your service.

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