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This task describes how to monitor utilization of resources, such as CPU and memory, by a WPAR. You can also view the system health of WPARs.

To View the Resource Utilization and Health of a WPAR

  1. Access the WPAR application class so that you can view its parameters.
  2. Open the following parameters that track information about the resources utilized by the WPAR:




Displays the percentage CPU utilization by a WPAR


Displays the amount of memory used by a WPAR, which is the total memory consumed by all the processes running inside the WPAR


Displays the ratio of total memory consumed by a WPAR to the physical memory on the system


Displays the number of pages read from the paging space per second


Displays the number of pages written to the paging space per second


Displays the real memory pinned in a WPAR


Displays the current state of a WPAR


Displays the total number of processes running on a WPAR system, which is the process count of the System and Application WPARs

BMC PATROL displays a graph that shows the requested information over time.

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