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This topic describes the configuration parameters to persist transactions that have tags in the headers.

If you use an external monitoring application that can tag transaction headers, App Visibility can provide a detailed view of specially tagged transactions. Transactions with matching tags are persisted, regardless of sampling or threshold configuration.


To prevent adverse system performance, use tagging on a very limited number of transactions.

The following table describes the parameters used to list the tags and persist transactions.

Parameters that control the persistence of tagged transactions

ParameterDefault valueDescription


trueWhen true, the agent persists transactions with headers that match the value or values of the persisting.tag.header.names parameter


Includes predefined HTTP header tags. Separate more than one tag with a comma.

The default value is set to capture synthetic transactions from BMC TM ART.


Enter a value for one of the integration.tag parameters (header, request parameter, or cookie) to enable the agent to persist transactions with matching tags. The agent provides a mechanism to create a hyperlink directly to the Trace Details page.

Note: If more than one value is entered, only the first tag with a value is used, per request.

The value of the integration tag must conform to the following characteristics:

  • The tag value can be up to 255 characters. Longer values are truncated.
  • The tag value cannot contain non-ASCII characters that result in URL encoding.
  • The tag value must be unique. If more than one transaction has the same tag value, you might not see the transaction of interest.

Access the  tagged request  with a hyperlink built according to the following syntax:

  • <consoleHost> is the host name or IP address of the TrueSight console.
  • <yourTagValue> is the value of the header, request name, or cookie integration tag.