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    You can monitor standalone services that run on a supported version of .NET Framework and use Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), .NET Remoting Framework, or both.

    By default, the App Visibility agent for .NET monitors applications and services running on Internet Information Services (IIS), but if you modify the agent policy file, you can also monitor these standalone services.

    To add monitoring for the standalone services

    1. Edit the agent policy file.
    2. Uncomment the self_hosted_services.list_to_monitor parameter.
    3. Add a Windows service name. If you want to monitor more than one standalone service, separate the service names by a comma.
      Ensure that you use the service name, not the display name:
      1. In the Windows Service console (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services), locate the service you want to monitor.
      2. Right-click and select Properties.
      3. Copy the service name.

    Example of the standalone services for .NET Framework

    # List of self hosted services to monitor, each item should be a service name (not display name).
    # The values should be separated by commas in the list

    self_hosted_services.list_to_monitor = service1,service2

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