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The APIs for managing your synthetic configurations use Representational State Transfer (REST) web services that enable you to retrieve, update, and delete synthetic configuration data for your applications. You can integrate the APIs with your other business applications.

Before you begin

All of the APIs require an authorization token for authenticating the user. Obtain an authToken by using the login API. For details, see TSWS authentication .

The following synthetic configuration APIs are provided:


GETRetrieve the details of one application or all applications

Update an existing application

POSTCreate a new application
DELETEDelete an application
Execution Plans

GETRetrieve the details of one or more Execution Plans
PUTCreate a new Execution Plan or
Update an existing Execution Plan
DELETEDelete an Execution Plan
ScriptsGETRetrieve the details of one script or all scripts
LocationsGETRetrieve the details of all locations

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