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When you create or modify a dashboard, select and configure the Impacted Users dashlet to display the number of impacted real users compared to the total number of users.

This topic presents the following information about the dashlet:

How are users impacted?
Impacted users represents the number of active end users in the selected five-minute period that are experiencing latency issues or errors that exceed the defined thresholds.

Understanding the dashlet data

Click the application name to drill down to the Application View, which displays the 24-hour timeline. The time slider points to the latest data.

Dashlet requirements

The Impacted Users dashlet requires real-user application monitoring with App Visibility Manager.

The dashlet displays data for the dashboard time period.

When you configure the dashlet, you select an application. If you use the dashboard application filter to select an application, the dashboard filter overrides the dashlet's selected application.

Configuring the dashlet

You can configure this dashlet when you add or edit a dashboard .

  1. Click Add Dashlet and select the Impacted Users dashlet.
  2. Click the Configure Dashlet icon.

  3. (Optional) Enter a descriptive title for the dashlet.
  4. Select the dashlet data type: Impacted Real Users.
  5. To choose an application, click Select to open a list of applications.

The list displays applications with App Visibility real-user monitoring.

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