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You can send traffic-related metrics from Watchpoints to your SNMP manager. To send Watchpoint data, you create the SNMP Object Identifier (OID) for the Watchpoint and select the metrics that you want defined in the MIB.

Before you begin

Ensure that the Watchpoint for which you want to build an OID is exposed in the MIB. To do so, open the Watchpoint details and ensure that the Expose Watchpoint in MIB check box is selected, as shown in the following figure:

Expose Watchpoint in MIB feature

To generate the Watchpoint OID

To perform this procedure, you must have Operator-level access, or higher.

  1. In the Real User Analyzer interface, click the Watchpoints tab.

    The Watchpoint summary page opens.

  2. Click the Watchpoint for which you want to build an OID.
  3. On the Watchpoint details page, on the Action menu, click Build an OID.
    The Watchpoint OID builder opens, as shown in the following figure:

    Watchpoint OID builder

  4. Select one of the following metrics that you want to access through the system MIB:

    HostDelay introduced by server processing (web, application, and database)
    NetworkDelay caused by network transmission
    End-to-endTotal delay in request handling
    Page-renderTime the browser took to load a page and its content
    SSLDelay caused by SSL encryption
    ThroughputNetwork throughput
    TCP RTTTime for the request to travel the network between client and server
    ErrorsNumber of errors during the last 5 minutes
    HTTP Status codeHTTP value from the web server in response to the request
    HTTP methodType of HTTP transaction used in the request
    Out-of-order TCP segmentsNumber of TCP segments delivered out of the expected sequence
    TCP retransmissionsNumber of TCP segments that have been re-sent
    MonitorA variety of metrics and statistics to get an overall view of the performance
  5. Choose a calculation for the selected metric, for example 95th percentile.
    The OID builder automatically generates the OID based on the variable parameters:
    • Watchpoint ID
    • Metric
    • Calculation

      Copy the generated Watchpoint OID and use it in your system MIB.

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