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The BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition can report information through SNMP to a managing system in your network.  

This passive end-user experience monitoring provides an SNMP MIB that enables your SNMP manager to get (read-only) management data from the end-user experience component, such as the following metrics:

  • OS-level standard metrics such as CPU usage or disk usage
  • Traffic-related metrics such as Watchpoint data from a Real User Analyzer


BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition uses SNMP traps to send alerts to an SNMP manager (if incident-detection rules and error-detection rules are enabled and triggered)

To set up BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring as a managed system, you enable the service, configure a local SNMP agent, and then configure the SNMP MIB or SNMP traps. Consult the following tasks to configure an Analyzer, Collector, APM Central, or Monitor as a managed system:

The BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring components support SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3.

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