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A MIB file binds the characteristics of the passive end-user experience components to specific OIDs. A single MIB file defines all end-user experience components, but some components populate more values than other components. 

Download the end-user experience component MIB so you can import it to your managing system. After you import the MIB, the SNMP monitoring console will be aware of the OIDs that are referenced in SNMP traps and will know which OID to use to get data from the agent on the end-user experience component.

To generate the Watchpoint OID, you must use the code of the Real User Analyzer MIBs in the MIB of your managing system. 

To perform this procedure, you must have Operator-level access, or higher.

To download the system MIB from an Real User Analyzer or Collector

  1. In the Real User Analyzer or Collector interface, point to Administration > Integration, and click Network management (SNMP).

  2. From the Action menu for the Local agent section, select one of the following to download the MIB definition:
    • View Real User Analyzer|Collector MIB SMIv1.

    • View Real User Analyzer|Collector MIB SMIv2.

The selected MIB file opens. You can save this file so you can import it to your managing system.

Attached is an example MIB file.

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