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To perform this procedure, you must have Operator-level access, or higher.

  1. In the Real User Analyzer or Real User Collector interface, point to the Administration > Data flow settings, and then click Custom fields.

  2. On the Action menu of a custom field you want to delete, click Delete field.
    Alternatively, to delete all user-defined custom fields, click Delete all user-defined fields on the Action menu on top of the page.
  3. Click OK.


Deleting a custom field can affect related system entities. For example:

  • The custom field is removed from the list of exportable fields.
  • Its grammar identifier is removed from the Filter library.
  • Its associated session token locator is removed.
  • Its associated reference list is removed.
  • Its associated extraction rules are removed.
  • Traffic continues, but any filter using the custom field grammar identifier is marked invalid. For example, if a certain Watchpoint has the deleted custom field in its filter, then this Watchpoint stops working. A recovery page appears and you can correct or ignore the problem.