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You can set up the system to monitor traffic from different web applications. However, not all users require access to all data, and you might restrict users' access to particular traffic segments. For example, if your organization has several lines of business, you might want to restrict each user's access to the traffic data that is relevant to the assigned line of business and its corresponding applications.

With entitlement groups you can restrict access for user groups on a Watchpoint-level, so that different groups have access to different Watchpoints.

Before using this feature, a Security user must enable it in a Real User Analyzer.

You can associate with the entitlement group only users with Observer role. They will have access to data from the Watchpoints that are also associated with this entitlement group.

Observers who are not associated with any entitlement group, have access to data from all Watchpoints, as well as the users with any other role.

You can associate an Observer user with more than one entitlement group, so that he or she will have access to data from the combination of Watchpoints associated with these groups.


The maximum number of entitlement groups that might be created on one instance of the Real User Analyzer is 50.

To add an entitlement group

To perform this procedure, you must have Operator-level access, or higher.

  1. In a Real User Analyzer, point to Administration > General settings, and click Entitlement groups.

  2. On the Action menu, click Add.
  3. Provide group name, for example Claims.
  4. Provide group description, for example For Observers in the Claims Department.
  5. Click > (Next).
  6. Select Watchpoints that this group will monitor by moving Watchpoints from the Available Watchpoints list to Selected Watchpoints.
  7. Click > (Next).
  8. Select users that will belong to this group by moving users from the Available Observers list to Selected Observers.
  9. Сlick Save.
    The system now has an entitlement group named Claims that permits Observers in the Claims Department to access data from selected Watchpoints. Data from other Watchpoints is not available for these users.

Where to go from here

When the entitlement group is in the system, you can change its name and description, its set of Watchpoints, and the user accounts associated with it.