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During traffic processing, the Real User Cloud Probe writes general logging information and statistics to files in the installationDirectory\cloudprobe\staging\var\log\epx folder. The default Windows installation directory is C:\Program Files\BMC Software\, and the default Linux installation directory is /opt/bmc/.

The following table lists the Cloud Probe log files and their purpose.

Cloud Probe log file descriptions
Log fileContains


General logging information


Statistics about core engine traffic processing, including TCP/IP and SSL processing


Statistics about encrypted SSL traffic that could not be decrypted, including number of SSL decryption failures


Statistics from the HTTP processing engine


Statistics for traffic with an unrecognized protocol (non-HTTP traffic)

Statistics about each SSL host IP address that was recognized

Note: These statistics are not sent to a Real User Collector.


The Cloud Probe uses this third-party curl library.

When the debug option is enabled, this log file is created by the third-party to capture the library activity. This file automatically includes the user's login name and password, but is required to solve trace related support issues.

By default, the debug option is disabled. It should only be enabled after receiving instructions to run a test from BMC customer support, and then immediately disabled when the test is completed.

Note: Before forwarding this log file to customer support, complete one of the following solutions to prevent private login names and passwords from being exposed.

  1. After stopping the trace, change all password entries in the file to "testpassword".
  2. Create a temporary user for test purposes and then delete the user after the test is completed.

Files are retained for 14 days. One log file is created for each day (n equals a value from 1 to 14). On day 15, file 1 is overwritten.

Statistics are also sent to a Collector. For information about how to view statistics from the Collector, see Monitoring traffic capture status and statistics on a Collector.

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