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You can change the App Visibility collector settings, such as the host name of computer or port numbers, in the file located in the following directory:

  • Windows
  • Linux


After you change the file, restart the collector service.

This topic presents the following procedures:

To change the host name for communication with the App Visibility collector

By default, the App Visibility collector uses the operating system’s configured host name, called the Listening Address during installation, to communicate between components.

Override the default host name configuration for any of the following situations:

  • If the default collector host name is incorrect, for example, if the automatically detected host name is not the fully qualified device name (FQDN), you must replace the host name with the FQDN.
  • If the collector requires an IP address for connection, such as from behind a firewall, you must replace the automatically detected host name with an IP address.

The property value directs end-user browser data through the load balancing or reverse proxy server and must be accessible from all App Visibility agents. You must configure the load balancing or reverse proxy server to forward requests to the assigned collectors.

Perform the following procedure to override the default host name configuration:

  1. Open the file.
  2. Change the callback.address value to the required host name or IP address.
  3. Restart the App Visibility collector service.

To change the port numbers

  1. Modify the App Visibility collector's listening port.
    The default port is 8200.

  2. Restart the App Visibility collector service.

To configure the App Visibility portal connection

  1. Set the App Visibility portal connection:



    When entering IPv6 addresses, you must enter the IP address in square brackets. For example:

  2. Restart the App Visibility collector service.

To modify database settings

Use this procedure to modify the database location, data retention size, and maximum database size. To change the database password, see Changing the App Visibility database password.

  1. If you change the location of the database, or if you need to change database port, modify the database location:

  2. Modify the period of time to retain data in the database for App Visibility agents (retention.time) and for TEA Agents (retention.time.synthetic_transactions).

    The retention time is in days.

  3. Disabled (defect TOM-31342). The db.max.size value is ignored.

    Modify the database size. The database size is in MB.


  4. Restart the App Visibility collector service.

To set or modify a load balancing or reverse proxy server

If the collector uses a proxy to connect to the App Visibility portal, configure the proxy details. If you do not need to configure a proxy, leave the values empty.

  1. Set the proxy details for HTTP:
  2. Set the proxy details for HTTPS:
  3. Set the proxy details for SOCKS:


    If you configure the proxy settings, you must make additional configuration changes to the Changing App Visibility portal settings.

  4. Restart the App Visibility collector service.

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