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From the Maintenance Tool, you can view files from the Log Zipper output file ( When you click Browse to Log in the Maintenance Tool, a window displays a file navigation tree. The file usually contains a folder with three subfolders with the same names as in the originating system. For example, you might see:

  • Documents and Settings
  • Program Files
  • Windows

From these folders, you might want to view files such as:

  • ProductRegistry.xml — Contains the BMC Software products, versions, and features installed on the system. Identifying the products and versions involved is an initial step for investigating issues.
  • OperatingSystemData.xml — Contains information about the system that is relevant to the BMC Software products. Examining this file can direct your attention to system issues, such as insufficient resources or incompatible versions.
  • InstalledConfiguration.xml — Contains important environment information from the last successful installation. (A separate installing configuration XML file captures environment and user selections during a current installation attempt.)


You can use an archive utility to unarchive the files into a temporary directory to view the files collected, but the Windows uncompress utility often gives misleading results, indicating the file is empty or is an invalid zip file.

To open a Log Zipper output file with the Maintenance Tool

  1. Start the Maintenance Tool utility.

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  2. On the Logs tab, click Browse to Log.
    A new window displays a navigation tree.
  3. In the navigation tree, navigate to the directory with the Log Zipper output file (usually called
  4. Double-click the file that you want to view to open it in the appropriate viewer.