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You can record and inspect traffic from your source system to verify that a Collector or Monitor is extracting content according to the rules that you have configured. The Data source test option is only applicable to extraction rules for Request Content or Response Content defined in a primitive custom field on a Real User Collector or defined in any custom field on a Real User Monitor (session, page, or object). To perform this procedure, you must have Operator-level access, or higher. To perform this procedure, you must have Operator-level access, or higher.

To verify content extraction for a custom field

  1. In a Collector or Monitor, point to the Administration > Data flow settings, and then click Custom fields.

  2. Expand the custom field for which you want to verify content extraction.

  3. Under Data source test, click the Record icon. (You can also click more... to open a separate window for running the test.)

    The system captures the next 100 hits that match the extraction rule before terminating automatically.
  4. To review the results, click the Inspect icon.

    The system displays all the captured URLs, the date and time that the content was captured. Click any of the URLs to display the content with the match and extracted contents highlighted as in the following table.

    Text highlighting options



    ...html string found string html string...

    The initial string that matched the rule.

    ...html string extracted string html string...

    The part of the content that has been extracted.

  5. To purge test results from the system, click Purge test result.



    If a test is active when you purge the test results, the test automatically stops.

  6. (For response content only) To load the captured content into a secondary window, click View page in browser.



    Loading content in a browser causes the browser to make requests for any supporting content (such as images). This generates traffic on the target servers that the content was captured from. Consider this consequence before using this feature.

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