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The Reporting APIs for App Visibility Manager use Representational State Transfer (REST) web services that enable you to collect report data about applications, servers, transactions, and application health.

To authenticate the API clients and the App Visibility portal

The APIs require two-way SSL authentication between your client application that retrieves the content and the App Visibility portal.

  1. Obtain a self-signed certificate or a certificate that has been signed by a trusted certificate authority.
  2. Add the certificate to your custom truststore file on App Visibility portal.
  3. Add the certificate to a keystore file on your client computer.

All the Reporting APIs use the GET method to retrieve the data. You can integrate the data with your other business applications.

App Visibility Manager provides the following APIs:

Application ModelRetrieves application model data
Application ServersRetrieves a list of monitored application servers and metrics
ApplicationsRetrieves a list of applications, with the name, ID, and type (such as manually created or automatically discovered)
BrowsersRetrieves a list of the application client breakdown by browser or platform
Business TransactionsRetrieves a list of monitored business transactions and metrics
ProblemsRetrieves a list of problems for a specified time, tier, and application
Recorded DataRetrieves recorded data for a specific persisted trace
Top Real Transactions

Retrieves a list of the most impacted (by latency or by errors), or most used, real transactions for applications monitored by App Visibility Manager

Slowest Database QueriesRetrieves a list of the slowest database queries for a specified time, application, and database
User TransactionsRetrieves a list of monitored pages and metrics

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