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As an application specialist, you manually created application models in the TrueSight console by using devices and groups from TrueSight Infrastructure Management, or devices discovered by TrueSight App Visibility Manager, or a combination of components. You created the application model and defined the relationships and dependencies between the components.

If an unexpected disconnection occurs between the TrueSight Presentation Sever and the App Visibility portal, ensure that you have a backup file of the App Visibility databases so that you can recover configuration information and data for manually created applications with synthetic monitoring.

To create an App Visibility database backup file

Make a physical backup of the App Visibility PostgreSQL database to protect your data from loss. The output of a physical backup contains the data files that the App Visibility server can use directly, resulting in a faster recovery operation.


While it is always good practice to back up your App Visibility databases, to enable the recovery of data and configuration information for manually created applications with synthetic monitoring, backing up the database is vital. If the TrueSight Presentation Server and the App Visibility portal are unexpectedly disconnected, the manual application configuration information and data might be lost.

  1. On the computer with the App Visibility portal or collector, navigate to the following directory:
    • (Windows)
      or portal_installationDirectory\portal\bin\db
    • (Linux)
      or portal_installationDirectory/portal/bin/db
    If the portal and collector are installed on the same computer, they share a database, and you only need to perform the procedure in one place.
  2. Run the following script:
    • (Windows) create-pgsql-dump.bat
    • (Linux) ./

The script creates a backup of the data in the avdb.dump file in the server component's installationDirectory\ADOP_DB\pgsql\backup directory.

For more information about making PostgreSQL database backup files, see Backup and Restore Open link .