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Dashboards provide consolidated and customized views of your environment. You create a dashboard by selecting dashlet templates from the dashlet library and configuring them for your specific requirements. Each configured dashlet provides access to a specific type of data and presents it in a graphical format. When a dashlet in the dashboard identifies a problem, the dashlet also acts as an access point to investigate and troubleshoot the root cause. 

The ability to share dashboards enables members of work groups to create and maintain a single dashboard that they can all use. If you find a shared dashboard that you like, you can copy it and use it as is or modify it as necessary.

A dashlet displays a single graphic about a specific application or server. As you build your dashboard, you specify a dashlet template, and then configure it to the values for your systems. You can specify different types of dashlets or the same dashlet many times. 

Application monitoring
Real end-user monitoring
Synthetic transaction monitoring

Learning resources for dashboards




  1. Hello,

    We built some applications & dashboard in our test environment. And we don't want to rebuilt them for production environment.

    Can you tell us how to backup & restore this item (application, dashboard, custom SLA...) ?