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If your system includes external monitoring applications, you can integrate tagged transaction data from those applications into App Visibility. A tagged transaction has an alphanumeric string in the transaction header, and App Visibility can use that tag to identify and provide a detailed view of those transactions. 

You can also use the tag in a transaction to persist specific transactions, regardless of sampling or threshold configuration.

This topic presents the mechanisms that App Visibility can use to persist incoming HTTP requests that contain tags in the headers.


To prevent adverse system performance, use tagging on a very limited number of transactions.

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Tags to persist transactions

You can tag multiple incoming HTTP requests to persist the transaction. This is useful when you want to see diagnostics data for transactions that occur infrequently. For example, you can examine diagnostics data for transactions tagging by another monitoring application.

For details about tagging HTTP headers, see Persisting tagged transactions.

Tags to persist transactions and link to details

You can use integration tags for the requests with a specified header, request parameter, or cookie, and then link directly to the trace details in App Visibility form the external application.

For details about tagging and linking from external systems, see Persisting tagged transactions.