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With real end-user monitoring, system administrators can configure a solution to monitor your company’s web applications, and application support analysts can ensure the quality and availability of the web applications.

As user expectations rise and front- and back-end application architecture becomes more complex, it is more important than ever to understand how your customers and users experience your application. BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition supports the following business needs:

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by proactively monitoring web application performance and availability from the end-user perspective
  • Measuring service levels
  • Identifying web application problems before customers call for help
  • Diagnosing and restoring services faster

Installing and configuring Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition components

Real End User Monitoring include the following components:

Real User AnalyzerThe Analyzer organizes traffic data acquired from the Real User Collector component into segments, processes it, and provides incidents and usable information that is presented in the TrueSight console or Real User Analyzer console.
Real User Collector

The Collector gathers the traffic data information sent from a single, or multiple, Cloud Probes and distributes it to the Analyzer.

Cloud Probe

The Cloud Probe captures traffic data from a tapping point between the application and the end user (for example, a network tap or a mirror port on a network switch). It sends the traffic data information to the Real User Collector.

After your system administrator installs the  Real End User Experience Monitoring components, Open link  you must configure the core components. Open link  

If the TrueSight Presentation Server is installed, you can 

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 as a data provider to the Presentation Server so that the data received from the Real User Analyzer is displayed in dashboards in the TrueSight console.

You can also access the Real User Analyzer console by entering the Real User Analyzer's IP address or host name in a supported browser 

Real User Analyzer console

Setting up and managing end-user experience monitoring

After the end-user experience monitoring components have been installed and initially configured, you need to set up traffic data collection and storage options for the traffic data.

The Real User Collector and the Analyzer must be connected so that the Collector can feed data to the Analyzer.

You can verify and monitor the flow of traffic data from the Collector to the Analyzer on the Status tab of the Real User Analyzer console.

The Status tab


Monitoring and viewing the user experience

You can configure performance thresholds and the way you view the performance and availability metrics of your application.

Using Real End User Experience Monitoring dashlets in dashboards, you can view statistics about your web traffic as visually rich presentations. A dashlet is a configurable pane on a dashboard that represents a particular metric. It provides a summary of end-user or application performance information that gives context about the health of your web application. Each dashlet contains gauges, charts, and other graphical elements that provide an at-a-glance view of statistics. 

Dashlets help you determine:

  • What to monitor
  • Whether your system has a problem
  • Whether a problem needs immediate attention

For example, you can add a Global Application Delivery dashlet to a dashboard. This dashlet shows data from a Real User Analyzer to help identify problems in traffic volume and performance that end users are experiencing in various geographic locations. For example where the highest traffic comes from or which area has the biggest performance issues. This dashlet is available in the Truesight console and the Real User Analyzer console.

Global Application Delivery dashlet in the TrueSight console

Global Application Delivery dashlet in the Real User Analyzer console

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