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  1. On the Administration page of a Real User Analyzer, click Available Watchpoints.
  2. Create the Watchpoint:
    1. On the Action menu, click Add a new Watchpoint.
    2. In the Name box, type Watchpoint Performance – Static objects.
    3. In the Type list, click Object.
    4. In the Description box, type Any object with a static file type.
    5. Click Save and proceed to configuring filters.

  3. Refine the scope of the Watchpoint to monitor only static file types (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .css, .js, .png.) by adding a filter to the Watchpoint:
    1. In the Traffic filters section for the new Watchpoint, on the Add filter menu, click Add new filter.
    2. In the Name box, type Static object types.
    3. Click Build filter expression.
      The Expression builder opens.
    4. In the Field list, click URI File Extension.
    5. In the Comparison list, click ends with.
    6. In the Comparison box, type gif and click Add.
    7. In the Comparison box, type jpg and click Add with OR.
    8. Repeat step 3g for the rest of the static file extensions.
    9. Click Save.
    10. In the Filter description box type Objects in the list of static file types.
    11. Click Save.
      New filters are turned on by default.

      Composing a filter to identify static object types

  4. To make the system begin collecting and aggregating traffic for the new Watchpoint on, click ON.

    Successfully configured Watchpoint

    The system begins collecting and aggregating data for the new Watchpoint.

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