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Sessionization rules define the boundaries of user sessions in your web traffic by various criteria. This helps you establish a common context for various statistics relating to user sessions and frequency of user activities.

To create a sessionization rule

  1. In a Real User Analyzer, point to Administration > Data flow settings and click Session detection.

  2. In the view selector, click Sessionization rules.
  3. On the Action menu for Other sessionization rules, click New.
  4. Enter a name and a description for the rule. 

    Sessionization rule names are case sensitive.  
  5. In Sessionization key, select a key on which to sessionization your web traffic:
    • Client IP — IP address of the client (default).
      This is the default system behavior (the default catch-all rule), even if you do not specify this. Use the sessionization by client IP to apply it to specific subset of traffic (see the Applies to field).
    • Cookie — A cookie parameter, for example asp.net_sessionid.
    • Custom fieldobject custom field.
    • POST parameter — POST parameter.
    • URI PATH element — PATH element of the URI.
    • URI PATH parameter — PATH parameter of the URI.
    • URI Query parameter — Query parameter of the URI.
    • x-forwarded-for — Parameter that marks the HTTP redirects.
  6. In Group, select a grouping identifier (a token class) for the rule or create a new one.
    Grouping combines identical session tags (where they mark the same session) or differentiates identical session tags (where they signify different sessions).
  7. In the Applies tofield, select the traffic scope for the rule:
    • All traffic — The rule will affect all traffic flowing through the system.
    • Traffic matching the filter — The rule will affect only the subset of traffic that you define with a filter expression.
  8. Click Save.
    The sessionization rule is created.
  9. In the sessionization rules list, locate the new rule and click ON.
    The rule is activated.

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