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A policy defines how the App Visibility agent behaves and operates.

While you can control some of the agent functionality by Configuring event thresholds (SLAs) for automatically discovered applications, agent policies provide you with a way to fine tune or change data collection methods to better suit your environment.

This section describes how to work with an App Visibility agent policy file and includes the following topics:

Policy editing rules

BMC recommends that you contact BMC Support when modifying the settings for the first time, to ensure that your modifications do not impact the system adversely. When you change the policy settings, adhere to the following rules:

  • Each line in the policy file has only one property, in a property=value format.
  • Do not change property names; you can only change values.
  • White spaces are ignored except within the value string (that is, between the first non-blank character after the "=" delimiter and the last non-blank character in the line).
  • Both Windows and Linux line feed markers are supported.
  • Hash marks (#) at the beginning of a line signify comments.
  • Property values can only be ASCII characters within the range of 0-127.






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