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When you create or modify a dashboard, select and configure the Applications dashlet to monitor the applications of your choice. You can drill down to any application from the Applications dashlet and see the details of that application. The Applications dashlet displays applications from App Visibility Manager or Infrastructure Management server depending on the components integrated in your system. You can configure the Applications dashlet in one of the following ways:

  • Static configuration: Select the applications from a list of applications.
  • Rule-based configuration: Select applications based on the criteria you specify. Criteria include parameters such as severity and importance. You can choose applications based only on severity, only on importance, on severity and importance, or on severity or importance.

For example, the following figure displays two instances of the Applications dashlet.

Click an application to see its details.

This topic presents the following information about the Applications dashlet:

Understanding the dashlet data

When you create an Applications dashlet, by default the dashlet displays only applications with a Critical severity status or High importance. The following figure displays an Applications dashlet with the default configuration. You can modify the default configuration by clicking the Configure Dashlet icon. For more information, see Configuring the dashlet.

Dashlet requirements

Configure the dashlet to select one or more applications to be displayed. You can also select an application from the Applications list at the dashboard level as shown in the following figure. Consider the following behaviors when you select the dashboard application filter:

  • The global application filter overrides the dashlet configuration, except when All is selected.
  • If All is selected, the dashlet configuration is honored and the applications selected during dashlet configuration are displayed.

Dashboard application filter

Configuring the dashlet

You can configure this dashlet when you add or edit a dashboard Open link .

  1. Click Add Dashlet and select the Applications dashlet.

  2. Click the Configure Dashlet icon.

  3. (Optional) Enter a descriptive title for the dashlet in the Title box.
  4. From the Type list, select one of the following options to select the applications to display:
    • Select Static, to select applications from a list, and perform the following actions:
      1. Click Add to display a search box as shown in the following figure.
      2. Select applications in one of the following ways and click OK:
        • In the text box, type all or part of an application name and click Search.
        • Click Search to see a list of all available applications, and then select one or multiple applications or Select All.
      3. Click Apply to save the dashlet configuration.
    • Select Rule Based, to display applications by a specific filtering criteria, and perform the following actions:
      1. From the Severity list, select one or more application status to display: Critical, Major, Minor, Warning, Info, OK. By default, Critical is selected.
      2. From the Importance list, select one or more value to display: High, Medium, Low. By default, High is selected.
      3. From the Condition list, select one of the following conditions:
        • Select AND to display applications filtered by both Severity and Importance.
        • Select OR to display applications filtered either by Severity or Importance.

        Consider the following table to understand the behavior. Assume there are four applications App_1, App_2, App_3, App_4, and you have selected Severity as OK and Importance as Medium. If you select AND condition, the dashlet displays App_1, if you select OR condition, the dashlet displays App_1, App_2, and App_3.

        Application NameSeverityImportanceANDOR
        App_2CriticalMediumNot displayedDisplayed
        App_3MajorMediumNot displayed
        App_4CriticalHighNot displayed
        Not displayed
  5. Click Apply to save the dashlet configuration.

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