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Application context brings together application management and IT Operations to help you understand your applications and infrastructure in detail. Application context refers to the process of monitoring applications in a way that offers IT Operations deeper visibility into problematic systems, helping them drill-down to the root cause of a problem.

Application context integrates data from BMC TrueSight App Visibility and from BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management to provide a complete picture of the data and events that impact your application.

Before you begin

Before you begin with application context, ensure you have performed the following procedures:

  • Installing the Presentation Server Open link
  • Installing Infrastructure Management components Open link or Installing App Visibility Manager components Open link or both
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The TrueSight console provides the following views and features, from which you can investigate all the data about your application:

  • Provides for visualization of all applications and their current state and priority
  • Allows IT personnel to provide more value to the business by gaining greater visibility into critical business applications
  • (App Visibility Manager) Draws data from App Visibility Manager to present a holistic end-to-end application view that displays the performance and availability of real users and synthetic executions, network and back-end tiers
  • (App Visibility Manager and Infrastructure Management) Draws data from Infrastructure Management and App Visibility to display a topological application model and quickly help determine the probable cause of impacting events
  • Allows fast and clear problem detection and resolution
  • Not constrained by external products such as Atrium CMDB and associated processes