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When you create or modify a dashboard, select and configure the Application View dashlet to monitor the health and performance of live traffic and synthetic executions of an application monitored by App Visibility Manager. The view helps you pinpoint issues in the application and locate areas of the application where you can begin investigating problems. The Application View helps you diagnose and resolve performance and availability problems with your application, and examine synthetic transactions to monitor and predict application health and user experience.

This topic presents the following information about this dashlet:

Understanding the dashlet data

You can see the current Application View for a selected application. The dashlet always shows the application data from the last five minutes. The dashlet is not affected by the dashboard time filter.

Application View dashlet

Click one of the tiers to drill down to the Application View and see the tier details. For information about the Application View, see Investigating severity and impact of application issues.

Dashlet requirements

The Application View dashlet requires application monitoring with App Visibility Manager.

When you configure the dashlet, you select an application. If you use the dashboard application filter to select an application, the dashboard filter overrides the dashlet's selected application.

Configuring the dashlet

You can configure this dashlet when you add or edit a dashboard Open link .

  1. Click Add Dashlet and select the Application View dashlet.
  2. Click the Configure Dashlet icon.

  3. (Optional) Enter a descriptive title for the dashlet.

  4. To choose an application, click Select to open a list of applications.

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