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BMC TrueSight App Visibility Manager 10.5.00 offers the following key features and enhancements:

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Installation and upgrades


Updated support on .NET Framework for the App Visibility agent



Scalability and high availability

High-availability deployment of App Visibility server

You can now install and configure a high-availability environment for App Visibility server components to minimize downtime and eliminate a single point of failure. Your App Visibility network administrator can install the App Visibility portal and collectors in node pairs, so that the system automatically switches to a standby node if the active node fails or is temporarily shut down. For more information, see App Visibility Manager high-availability deployment. Open link

High-availability deployment for TrueSight Synthetic Monitor

Your App Visibility high-availability deployment takes full effect for TrueSight Synthetic Monitor functionality as well.



Real End User Experience Monitoring deployment

Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition

TrueSight Operations now includes BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition that provides end-user-centric performance monitoring that helps IT perform the following tasks:

  • Ensure the quality and availability of web-based applications
  • Determine whether applications meet service-level objectives
  • Proactively find and fix problems

All of the Real End User Experience Monitoring service components can be installed in your environment (on premises), or in a cloud-based environment. For more information, see BMC TrueSight Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition architecture. Open link


The Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition does not provide for migration from TrueSight App Visibility Manager 2.7.

Cloud Deployment

When deployed in in a cloud-based environment, BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring can monitor applications that are deployed in a public cloud environment, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, a private data center, or a hybrid deployment. For more information, see Cloud Probe deployment use cases. Open link




Improved management of security certificates between integrated components

You can now use custom security certificates between the App Visibility server components and agents, including custom certificates for communication with the TrueSight Presentation Server and the Synthetic Transaction Execution Adapter (TEA) Agent.

For more information, see Changing security certificates in App Visibility components Open link and Changing security certificates on Synthetic TEA Agents. Open link



Data visualization

Improved App Visibility dashlets

The Application Client Breakdown dashlet and the Application Server Health dashlet now display the performance volume metric as hits per second, which is consistent with way monitoring data is displayed elsewhere in console. For more information, see Application Client Breakdown dashlet Open link and Application Server Health dashlet. Open link

Synthetic dashlets

The Impacted Executions dashlet has been deprecated. To replace it, two new dashlets are now available to monitor your synthetic executions more flexibly. The following dashlets are available:


  • Application Overview - Synthetic
    Provides a view of the performance of up to 15 applications with synthetic transactions. It displays a timeline of the statuses of the applications' synthetic transactions. For more details, see Applications Overview - Synthetic dashlet. Open link


Real User monitoring dashlets

Dashlets are now available to monitor your Real User monitoring metrics on the Presentation Server dashboard. The following dashlets are available:


  • Global Application Delivery
    Shows data from a Real User Analyzer to help identify problems in traffic volume and performance that end users are experiencing in various geographic locations. For example where the highest traffic comes from or which area has the biggest performance issues. For more details, see Global Application Delivery dashlet. Open link


Associating an application to a service

You can associate an application to a service. This feature helps an application or a service specialist to monitor an application's impact on the relevant services. You can link an application to a service through a Configuration Item (CI). When an application is impacted, an application impact event is generated which in turn impacts the CI. If this CI is a part of any service, the associated service is also impacted. For more information, see Associating an application to a service. Open link



One-minute minimum Execution Plan interval

The minimum interval between runs of an Execution Plan for synthetic monitoring is now one minute. For more information, see Editing an application's synthetic settings. Open link

Programmatic interfaces

APIs for TrueSight Synthetic Monitor

APIs have been added to allow you to update your synthetic monitoring configurations, and to extract data about your synthetic executions. The following APIs are now available:

  • Configuration APIs
    • Applications
      You can create, retrieve, update, and delete the synthetic configurations of your applications.
    • Execution Plans
      You can create, retrieve, update, and delete the configurations of your Execution Plans.
    • Scripts
      You can retrieve details about all of your synthetic scripts, or more detailed information on an individual basis.
    • Locations
      You can retrieve details about all of your locations for running your Execution Plans.

For more details, see Managing synthetic configurations with APIs. Open link

  • Data extraction API
    You can extract data and metrics about your synthetic execution to build custom reports or custom analysis. For more details, see Retrieving synthetic execution data and metrics. Open link


Supportability improvements

Integrated App Visibility health events

App Visibility Manager triggers events when the status, or health, changes for one or more App Visibility components: portal, collector, proxy, agents, and Synthetic TEA Agents. Now you can see Major and Critical health events in integrated systems, such as TrueSight Information Management.

For more information, see  Sending App Visibility health events to integrated systems. Open link


Discontinued support for offline help

BMC has discontinued support for offline help. You can continue to use the ready-made PDF or create your own PDF for offline viewing. For more information, see PDFs and videos.


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