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This section contains information about enhancements in version 9.0.20 of the BMC PATROL for Web Transactions product.

What's new

Support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol 

The KM now supports version 1.2 of Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, providing better privacy and data integrity between the client and server applications.

Support monitoring of URLs that require a Client Certificate 

The KM now supports monitoring of URLs that require Client Certificates by importing the Java key store database file (known as the .jks file) into the KM. When you configure the URLs to be monitored that require a client certificate, those client certificates should be already imported into the .jks file so it can be used while communicating with the URLs. An authorization error will occur if the required certificates are not found in the .jks database file. 

The Java key store database file must be accessible from the host where the PATROL Agent is running. BMC PATROL default account must have read permission on the directory where the .jks file is located. For information about how to import the Java key store database file in the KM, see Configuring Web Transactions monitoring

For more information about Java key store file, please refer Oracle documentation

Support for custom Java Runtime Environment (JRE) location

You can specify the directory path of the JRE that you want the KM to use for monitoring the Web Transactions. For more information, see Configuring Web Transactions monitoring.

  • BMC PATROL for Web Transactions 9.0.20 will not ship JRE bundle with the image.
  • Minimum supported JRE version is 1.8


BMC PATROL for Web Transactions 9.0.20 provides the following updates:

Tracking IDUpdates

Added a new attribute, Response code in the Transaction monitor type to report the HTTP GET method response code.

* RFEs (Request For Enhancements) submitted directly or through a support representative, are tracked using 'QM' numbers, whereas RFEs directly submitted on  BMC Communities  are marked as Community Ideas.

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Known and corrected issues

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