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BMC PATROL for Web Services Monitoring monitors and manages web services, across a distributed environment from a centralized PATROL console (using a PATROL console is optional). BMC PATROL for Web Services Monitoring monitors the availability, performance, and integrity of your web services. 

The parameters for BMC PATROL for Web Services Monitoring enable you to analyze web service performance quickly and easily, providing a detailed statement of all system activity over time. You can monitor the availability of the Web service's operations, collect availability and performance data, monitor the response time of a Web service operation, check the response content from the Web service operation, monitor the time period in which the Web service was unavailable, and verify the status of data collection between the KM scripts and the Tomcat Web servers.

BMC PATROL for Web Services Monitoring provides the following primary feature:

Web Services monitoring

This feature can be used to monitor web services, including specific operations that are a part of your web application environment. Monitored web services can be either SOAP 1.1 or 1.2 web services, or they may be XML-RPC style services. You can query a UDDI 1.0 or 2.0 server to configure specific web services for monitoring. For more information, see Monitoring web services.


If you have a SOAP 1.2 request you must use the XML-RPC.

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