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A PATROL application class is any resource utilized or running on a computer. Each running copy of an application discovered and created by PATROL is an instance of the particular application class. Each discovered application instance is represented by an icon in a container window for that application.

  Application Class Hierarchy

The following figure shows the hierarchy of the BMC PATROL for Web Services Monitoring application classes. For more information on BMC PATROL for Web Services Monitoring application classes see the online Help.


Web Services Monitoring icons 

The following table contains icons and information about each application class in BMC PATROL for Web Services Monitoring. For more information about the parameters in each application class, see Application classes and parameters.


Icon Name



Represents a monitored Web service. This class contains instances of the INET_Websvc_Operation class.


Provides performance metrics and availability data on a given monitored Web service operation.


Container class for all Web services instances. This class is empty until Web services are enabled and configured for monitoring.

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