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    This space contains information about the BMC Release Package Deployment (formerly BMC VaraLogix Q Deployment Automation) 4.3.00 release, which is part of the BMC Release Lifecycle Management 4.3.00 suite.

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    • For a description of new features in the BMC Release Package Deployment product, see What's new.
    • For overviews of the system process and architecture, see Key concepts.

    Where to start

    About BMC Release Package Deployment

    The BMC Release Package Deployment product is an application deployment manager that enables you to abstract the requirements of an application and then deploy it to multiple environments automatically. For example, you can deploy an application to multiple test servers, run tests on the application, and, if the tests pass, then deploy the application to multiple environments, all through an automatic process. For more information about the value this product provides, see Business value.





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