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You upgrade BMC Virtual Agent by running the automated installation program. Before you run the installation program, make sure you have read the following topics: 

To upgrade BMC Virtual Agent, see Performing the installation. You can then verify the upgrade and complete the post-upgrade tasks


When you upgrade from BMC Chat 8.0 to BMC Virtual Agent 8.1 or 8.1.01, the eschat.war file does not always deploy correctly, and the Support Agent Console displays an error. If you navigate inside the apache\tomcat6.0\webapps\eschat folder on the BMC Remedy Mid Tier server, you see that content is missing.


  1. Stop the BMC Remedy Mid Tier.
  2. Delete the eschat folder in apache\tomcat6.0\webapps\.

    Note: Do not delete the eschat.war file.
  3. Restart the BMC Remedy Mid Tier.

The eschat folder is automatically re-created and loaded with the correct content, and the Support Agent Console works correctly.


For Linux and UNIX upgrades to 8.1.00, you must upgrade BMC Virtual Agent manually. For more information, see Manual upgrade process. For 8.1.01 and later, you can use the installer to upgrade Linux and UNIX installations.

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