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This task describes how to view a list of all the print jobs on the system.

Before you begin

To View a List of All Print Jobs

On any of the printers, perform the following steps.

  1. Access the PRINTER application menu as described in Accessing KM Commands and InfoBoxes.
  2. Select List All Print Jobs.
    BMC PATROL writes the information to a BMC PATROL task object (List All Print Jobs) in the UNIX OS container.
  3. Access the List All Print Jobs task object as described in Accessing KM Commands and InfoBoxes and view the results. Your results should resemble this example:
Display printer job list for all printer(s)
lp4-0        lysander!root       182   MMM  DD  MM:SS
lp4-3        wenchell!tmavis    4182   MMM  DD  MM:SS
Epson2-1     logger!dpatel      3750   MMM  DD  MM:SS
Epson2-3     sandhill!whill      005   MMM  DD  MM:SS
Epson3-5     hp-dev!jjjones     7431   MMM  DD  MM:SS
--------------------- >>>>> DONE <<<<< ---------------------

Output Format

The output has the following format. The following table defines each field.

printer-#     system_name!user     job_#     MMM  DD  MM:SS
-------------------- >>>>> DONE <<<<< -------------------- 

   View All Print Jobs Command Output Format 




the printer to which the job is assigned and its position in the print queue


the name of the system from which the print job originated and the user who created it
The exclamation point (warning) is a delimiter.


the print job ID number


the time at which the print job was created

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