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This task describes how to view what percentage of the processor logical partitions consumed across the AIX system. You can know whether the AIX system is running with LPAR, DLPAR, or SPLPAR partition type in multithreading mode.You can also define the portion of physical processor resource allocated to the partition and specifies the weight of uncapped AIX SPLPAR partition.


 The eight AIX VIRTUALIZATION parameters are applicable for SPLPAR, and for LPAR and DPLAR only VIRPartitionType and VIRSmt parameters are available. 

This task describes how to view the basic information for multiple partitioned processors running on the AIX environment.

To view the AIX Partition statistics

  1. Access the AIX VIRTUALIZATION application class so that you can view its parameters.
  2. Open the parameters that track the vital statistics of virtualized AIX partitioned systems running with mircopartitioning that you want to view:
  • VIREntitlement: defines the portion of physical processor resource that is allocated to the partition, and the defined number of virtual processors (Entitlement is configured in terms of processing units (PU). One (1.0) PU equals the capacity of a full processor.)
  • VIRNumberOfVirtualProcessors: displays the number of virtual processors
  • VIRPartitionType: for AIX partitioned systems, indicates the partition type (Possible values for AIX are LPAR, DLPAR, or SPLPAR.)
  • VIRPoolId: displays the ID of the shared processor pool
  • VIRProcessorsInPool Parameter: displays the number of physical processors in the AIX shared processor pool. The processor resources are assigned to the AIX SPLPAR from the total physical CPU resources present in the shared pool.
  • VIRSharingMode: indicates whether the partition is running in a Capped or Uncapped mode (A value of "1" indicates Capped mode; a value of "0" indicates Uncapped mode.)
  • On AIX DLPAR running on POWER 6, this parameter shows whether the DLPAR is donating.
  • VIRSmt: indicates whether the AIX partition is running in multithreading mode. When SMT is enabled or disabled on a logical partition, the number of virtual processors gets doubled or halved respectively, and accordingly the SMP instances get created or destroyed.
  • VIRWeight: specifies the uncapped weight of the partition

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