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BMC PATROL is designed to monitor all the instances that it discovers. However, some application classes, such as DISKS , FILESYSTEMS , and PRINTERS , allow the user to select which instances BMC PATROL monitors. BMC PATROL provides this feature through exclusion and inclusion lists.

The exclusion list is a mechanism for ignoring a small number of instances. If you want BMC PATROL to ignore a majority of instances, you can create an inclusion list, which forces BMC PATROL to ignore all but the instances that you specify.

The following topics discuss where PATROL stores exclusion and inclusion lists, how exclusion lists and inclusion lists can be created in PATROL, and other information.

Storage Location of Exclusion and Inclusion Lists

Methods for Creating Exclusion and Inclusion Lists

Inclusion List Limitations

Benefits of Creating Exclusion Lists Using Menu Commands

Related topics

Selecting Disks to Monitor

Selecting filesystems to monitor

Selecting Printers to Monitor

Regular expressions

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