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This task describes how to stop the SNMP subagent. This task is used primarily for testing the snmp_subagent_monitor and snmp_subagent_start parameters.

Before you begin

The consequences of stopping the subagent with this menu command include:

  • The BMC PATROL SNMP system will not function properly until the SNMP subagent is restarted
  • BMC PATROL changes the snmp_subagent_monitor parameter state to ALARM
  • The snmp_subagent_start parameter attempts to restart the subagent within 60 seconds


If you want to stop the SNMP subagent for an extended period of time (more than 60 seconds), you must disable the snmp_subagent_start parameter.

To Stop the Subagent

  1. Access the SNMPHealth application menu as described in Accessing KM Commands and InfoBoxes.
  2. Select Start/Stop SNMP Agent > Stop SNMP Sub-agent. BMC PATROL stops the subagent. If the subagent is not running, BMC PATROL recognizes that it is inactive and ignores the command.  BMC PATROL writes its progress to the system output window.Your results should resemble this example:

    CCYYMMDDHHMMSS SNMPHealth Diagnostics: SNMP sub-agent is active.
    CCYYMMDDHHMMSS SNMPHealth Diagnostics: Stopping SNMP sub-agent.
    CCYYMMDDHHMMSS SNMPHealth Diagnostics: SNMP sub-agent is not active.

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