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Before you install and configure BMC PATROL for UNIX and Linux, you must consider the following sections listed in the table:

System Requirements and supported resources for BMC PATROL for UNIX and Linux
List of system requirements and supported resources for installing and using BMC PATROL for UNIX and Linux.
Components that Require setuid Permissions and supported BMC PATROL productsList of components that require setuid permissions.
Installation requirements for BMC PATROL Perform Data CollectorInformation about installation requirements for BMC PATROL Perform Data Collector.
PATROL Security LevelsInformation about the PATROL security.
Critical UNIX KM parameters
List of parameters that provide statistical information about system performance and resource.


Verify that you have a a permanent license to run your PATROL product or a valid demonstration license. If you have not yet installed a permanent license, contact your BMC sales representative or the BMC Contract Administration department for licensing information.

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