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The PATROL Knowledge Module (KM) product for UNIX enables you to monitor and manage system resources in UNIX and Linux environments. The PATROL KM for UNIX can:

  • Monitor the percentage of used and free swap space on disks
  • Monitor CPU loads across a network
  • Automatically spawn recovery actions in your UNIX and Linux environment
  • Monitor processes that are running on the system (process presence monitoring)
  • Monitor memory utilization and free memory
  • Monitor filesystem capacity
  • Monitor virtualization technology on IBM ® AIX ® micropartitioned POWER5 or later servers and workload partitions (WPARs) on POWER6 servers, Oracle ® Solaris systems, HP-UX virtualization technology, and Linux virtualization technology.

For information about configuring the PATROL KM for UNIX, see ConfiguringPATROL KM for UNIX. Also, see the PATROL Knowledge Module for UNIX online Help for information about using the features of this product.

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