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The PATROL KM for Log Management monitors binary, text, and XML log files in your environment. The KM provides the capability to monitor the space utilized by the major system log files and search log files for specific text strings and alarm when that string is found. The KM also can automatically spawn recovery actions that can clear the log file(s) or backup the log file(s) before clearing.

Specific functions include:

  • Monitor log files with dynamic log file names
  • Select logs to be monitored, including log files that have not yet been created
  • Generate an alert when a monitored log file cannot be found
  • Use regular expressions to create an exclude alert string that prevents alarms and warnings from occurring by filtering out messages in the log that match specified alarm or warning strings
  • Use regular expressions to create an exclude to warn alert string that interprets message text that matches alarm strings and moves the text into a warning
  • Alert a specific person or group based on a matched string in the log file
  • Reset log alerts which occur as a result of updated text in the log file that matches a specified alert string
  • Temporarily stop log monitoring during system maintenance by using external control flags
  • View error strings found in the last log update that caused alert and all entries that match that error string from the last log update.

For information about configuring the PATROL KM for Log Management, see the BMC PATROL for Log Management Online Documentation. Also, see the PATROL Knowledge Module for Log Management online Help for information about using the features of this product.

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