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The PATROL Agent product for UNIX is a core piece of the PATROL architecture and is used to monitor computers. PATROL Agents load information from Knowledge Modules (KMs), gather statistics, and send alerts and requested information to the PATROL consoles. PATROL Agents accept requests from the PATROL console and initiate actions based on those requests.

Using information from a PATROL KM, a PATROL Agent can:

  • Detect the presence and status of an application instance (discovery)
  • Collect data on any measurable aspect of an application instance (parameters)
  • Interpret data by using defined rules
  • Act as a service provider for event management
  • Store collected data in local files (history)
  • Implement predefined actions to correct abnormal conditions (recovery actions)

You must install a PATROL Agent on each computer you want to manage. For more information, see the PATROL Agent Online Documentation.