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To access the NETWORK application menu as described in Accessing KM Commands and InfoBoxes. Following table lists the commands on the NETWORK application menu.

 NETWORK Application Menu Summary

Menu Command



Accesses the TCP/IP menu that allows you to view reports and execute TCP/IP utilities


Displays network and NFS activity reports in a task window

List Hosts

Lists the hosts on the network

List Protocols

Displays the list of known protocols and protocol numbers

List Services

Provides a list of available services

List Trusted Hosts

Lists TCP/IP trusted hosts


Provides access to network utilities


Launches the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) utility


Launches the ping utility on the specified computer


Launches a remote login to a specified computer

Query Name Server

Launches the internet query name server program


Adds and deletes hosts from the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) table

Show Arp Cache

Displays the hosts and addresses in the ARP table

Delete Host From Cache

Deletes hosts from the ARP table

Add Host To Cache

Adds hosts to the ARP table


Accesses the UUCP menu that allows you to view reports and execute UUCP utilities


Displays UUCP reports in a task window

List Server Name

Displays the UUCP server name

Show Log

Displays the UUCP log

Show Statistics

Displays UUCP statistics


Provides access to UUCP utilities
You must be root to run these commands.

UUCP Check

Performs a UUCP check

UUCP Clean

Performs a UUCP clean


Displays a command entry dialog box in which you can enter UUCP changes

List Network Interface

Displays the state of an automatically configured interface

List Memory Buffer

Displays memory management statistics

The List Network Address Menu

Displays all the network addresses

List Routing Table

Displays the routing table and statistics for the network

Show Protocol Statistic

Displays the statistics for each protocol layer

Toggle Alarm/Destroy if Down

Destroys the network icon or sets an alarm if the network interface is down

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