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This task describes how to move all print jobs assigned to one printer to another printer. This feature is useful when a printer is offline.

Before you begin

You must be root to run this command.

To Move All Print Jobs from One Printer to Another

On the printer whose jobs you want to move, perform the following steps.

  1. Access the PRINTER application menu as described in Accessing KM Commands and InfoBoxes.
  2. Select Move All Jobs to Another Printer. BMC PATROL displays the Move All Jobs to Another Printer dialog box.

    Move All Jobs to Another Printer Dialog Box
  3. Type in the Enter New Destination field the name of the printer to which you want to move the job and click Apply. BMC PATROL prompts you for the password for the root account.

    Move Jobs To Another Printer Confirmation Dialog Box
  4. Type the password and click OK. BMC PATROL moves all print jobs from the current printer to the designated printer.

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