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The PATROL Knowledge Module for UNIX and Linux gives you the ability to monitor the BMC PATROL SNMP system. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support is built into the BMC PATROL Agent. The application class checks to see if the SNMP Master Agent and subagent are running, lists configuration information, and provides diagnostic tests with which you can troubleshoot problems. This application class also provides the ability to

  • Change the SNMP query port
  • List BMC PATROL SNMP system configuration information
  • View BMC PATROL SNMP MIB database information
  • Start SNMP Master Agent
  • Start and stop SNMP subagent
  • Test SNMP functionality

For information about how to configure the BMC PATROL SNMP system, see the topics on SNMP in the PATROL Agent Online DocumentationThe following sections appear in this topic:

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