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The PATROL Knowledge Module for UNIX and Linux gives you the ability to monitor various network components. The Network File System (NFS) provides you with an abstract view of the entire filesystem, regardless of the various systems' architectures and operating systems. With the Network Information Service (NIS), you can look up resources distributed throughout the network.

Together with TCP/IP, the Network File System (NFS) and the Network Information Service (NIS) construct the network on UNIX.

  • In a heterogeneous environment, with NFS you can bind various filesystems together, regardless of architecture and operating system. It presents the filesystem to the network as a uniform file hierarchy.
  • Formerly known as Yellow Pages, NIS provides a distributed lookup service that you can use to locate resources anywhere in the network.

The NFS application class monitors these services and provides a means to gather information about which resources (servers, users, and groups) use or are used by these networking components.

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