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The PATROL Knowledge Module for UNIX and Linux gives you the ability to monitor the UNIX network. The NETWORK application monitors the network for information about

  1. Interfaces
    • Names of all or individual networks
    • Memory buffer
  2. Addresses
    • Local and remote addresses
    • Host name and corresponding IP Address
  3. Protocols
    • Available protocols
    • Protocol statistics
  4. Traffic
    • Routing tables
    • Number of incoming and outgoing packets
    • Percentage of incoming and outgoing packets with errors 
  5. This application also lets you manage the network by providing you with some standard network utilities, which are accessible from within BMC PATROL. Such management tasks include:
    • Copying or transferring files using either FTP or UUCP
    • Logging into remote computers using rlogin
    • Checking the availability of network resources using ping
    • Querying the network name server
    • Adding and deleting hosts from the Address Resolution Protocol cache

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