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The PATROL Knowledge Module for UNIX and Linux enables you to monitor all filesystems in a network. The FILESYSTEM application monitors the filesystems mounted on a system for information such as

  1. disk space
    • Number of kilobytes available
    • Number of kilobytes used
    • Percentage of space used
  2. i-nodes
    • Percentage of i-nodes used
    • Number of i-nodes available 

      The application also lets you manage a monitored filesystem within BMC PATROL. Some of the tasks that you can perform are
  3. Mount and unmount filesystems
  4. Synchronize information stored in the filesystem cache and disk
  5. Search for and remove files

By default, the FILESYSTEM application discovers and monitors all the disks mounted on the system. You can use menu commands to select which filesystems are monitored and which are not.

During a filesystem discovery the /UNIX/FILESYSTEM/discovery PATROL config variable is set to TRUE and no other filesystem menu commands can be executed. Once the discovery is complete, the variable is reset to FALSE.

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