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The PATROL Knowledge Module for UNIX enables you to monitor the CPU and kernel of a system. The PATROL Knowledge Module for UNIX and Linux monitors processors through two applications: CPU and SMP. It monitors the kernel through the KERNEL application.

  1. The CPU application monitors such processor statistics as
    • Percentage of overall CPU utilization
    • Percentage of CPU idle time
    • Percentage of CPU time spent on user activities
    • Percentage of CPU time spent on system activities
    • Percentage of time spent waiting on input and output
    • Number of context switches per second
    • Number of non-VME device interrupts
    • Number of pages in and out per second
    • Number of pages scanned per second
    • Number of processes in the run queue
  2. The SMP application provides basic CPU utilization statistics for multiple processors on a computer.
  3. The KERNEL application provides information such as
    • Kernel Memory Allocation (KMA) statistics for small, large, and oversized memory requests
    • i-node usage
    • Kernel usage of system resources

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